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History XX Efrain Gomez Luis Leal, in the year 1917 wrote a booklet titled “History of the Chitareros (Arciniegas Fund). It refers to Aboriginal Chitaga, the ICOT, the Cacota and the description suggests it follows that these natives were linked to the Chitareros. According to the author, Chitareros was one of the races or branch of the tree that rose from the Caribbean – Atlante or Quichua who populated the Andes. The Longest Chitareros enjoyed since its installation of natural resources, conveniently organized in huts and fencing large tracts of land for growing their crops. A hard boss, best suited for what seasoned, strong and skilled, commanding the people as a demigod. When it came to conquer, to Guatiyarocha time, called the Cacic n, occupied a tomb next to his ancestors Chitareros.Chicamocha His son, heir to the chieftainship, he commanded all the inhabitants established between the boundaries demarcated by the territories of Sugamuxi and Guanes Macareguas, Junza and Caribs. And beyond the last ridge of the Andes Mountains, above the plains where the tigers play at Pampa by frost snowy crest of the cleft as rigging pirate ships, and even beyond the swinging waves. LUIS EDUARDO PAEZ COURVEL, in his very important book “Historical Studies on Pamplona and Oca a” (Editorial Antares, Bogot 1950, Pgs. 14, 15) citing the book “General History” Bishop Lucas Fernandez de Piedrahita, in notes verified in the year 1941, states that Chitareros domains lay between the lands of Tunja and Merida. Dominating the scene, stood TEQUI sun city, capital of the tribe. In the distance, many people showed the wonderful advancement and advanced civilization of this race of warriors and artists. E.Otero D’Costa, in his work Cronic n manor inhabited Chitareros says the cold of the great knot that is the Andes Santander. The lordship of their chiefs had spread throughout the region between the river guaca its upper and middle and high Surata, bordering those parts, as a natural border, the line of peaks from Mogorontoque up Tona climates in Santander del Sur. Apparently the Chitaga, the ICOT (Ycot s) and small settlements were poor Cacota dependent distance from the center of civilization chitarero.According to the historian concludes PIEDRAHITA FERN NDEZ LUCAS, in his book “General History of the conquest of the New Kingdom of Granada” and Fraile PEDRO DE AGUDELO in his book “The Historical Collection” and “History of the Province of Santa Marta y Nuevo Reino de Granada “PEDRO DE Orsua who was found in mid-1549 and indigenous groups Cacota ICOT, before reaching the valley of the Holy Spirit on the eve of Pentecost. But it seems that before issuing PEDRO DE ORTUN Orsua AND DE VELASCO VELASQUEZ, scans were near to the territories occupied by these settlements, progress that has saddled him with Ambrosius Ehinger: “… Ehinger escaped from the Arawaks Valley or Laches Aboriginal pursued by hatred, looking for what is now the land of Venezuela in their desperate flight arrived at Almorzadero, Cornale step, the buzzer, to Earth to the river reeds. .. “” …is a derivation of the Tundama psychological turn of the Chibcha dependence … “” … Chitareros were thin, small, oblique eyes, clear and bowlegged … “” … in stature, 1.60 … “” … Typical brown race … “” … denote its ceramics industry forward … “” … in the tombs of the Chitareros are no idols or samples of gold are only stone axes, short, and as ornaments, necklaces of bones of birds, snails and drilled … “DON MARTIN CARVAJAL have found several mummies a length of 1.62 cm. Thoracic diameter of 78 cm and weighing 50 kilos likely, broad chest and hips symmetrical, with strong bones coalesce.Transcribe some of what was said by the historian JOSE ANTONIO DE PLAZA in his “Memoirs for the History of New Granada”, which refers to the founding of the nearby Pamplona as a result of the northern expion ordered by the Spanish visitor Bachelor MIGUEL DIAZ Armendariz, expion dominica was conducted by Don Orsua AND DON PEDRO DE VELASCO Ortuno of “… Exit se again the desire to discover the famous Casa del Sol, who had dragged the ambitious Hernan Perez to the discovery of your company in the Dorado. Armendariz had hidden motives stimulated by this company, naming from the previous year by Captain Peter Orsua, i intended hundred blacks, until the Pamplonita Valley, land of the Chitareros, to arrive in front of the forest from where he fell the brave Chin cota conquistador reaped the throat along the edge of the bolt relentless.

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