Major roadways
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The city of Aguascalientes in addition to its three peripheral ring road is crossed by the Hero of Nacozari north to south, and Adolfo L pez Mateos Avenue abs from east to west, but neither reaches the third ring at one end ( Nacozari is truncated to the north on the 2nd ring, and Lopez Mateos is truncated by the east almost the 2nd ring). The avenue of Nacozari Hero is named in honor of Jesus Garcia Corona Nacozari their local hero, Sonora, in which sacrifice his life.
Central Zone: The main streets are Francisco I. time to try the that is not expensive at all Madero neighborhood that runs from the station to the Cathedral-Basilica in which changes name to honor the emperor Moctezuma in Aztec install it the National Union of National Railways, CEN Labor Party (PT) and the Sanborn’s France hotel is a shopping street and which carries all the city parades, marches and pilgrimages general Miguel Barrag n street that runs from north to south from ball North Ave Convention of 1914 on the street Francisco I. Madero, with more than forty years of existence where the street meets Barragan can enjoy the spectacular “Coca-Cola” with its old image, now has his pockets but fade in the decade of the eighties still illuminated the cruise. The area surrounding the Avenue Convention 1914 where they are located in north stage: high school at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, CEN’s National Action Party (PAN), StarMedica clinic in west stage, facilities the National Fair of San Marcos, in its south stage, DIF State Bus Terminal (the city known as the bus), the No. 1 IMSS clinic in the east stage, the Ministry of Finance Government and State Secretary for Administration and the federal school graduate Cooperation Benito Juarez. In the Adolfo L pez Mateos Avenue from east to west, we can find with the Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientes, the normal school Guadalupe Victoria, the Olympic Pool, the sports complex on the 4th Centennial Stadium Victoria, Krystal Plaza Shopping Center, the Palace of Justice Civil Registry and the CEN of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), facilities Fair (Fiesta Americana Hotel, Plaza de Toros Monumental, Expoplaza, Garden of Flowers), the College of Architects, this avenue in the far west in Aguascalientes Avenue intersection with the name change and became the boulevard. Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez, this avenue will become the road linking the city with Calvillo, Ags. and that also leads to the city of Guadalajara, Jal. (although most prefer to take the road to San workout Juan de los Lagos to go to Guadalajara) traffic Morelos-Diaz de Leon crosses the center of the city and the Encino neighborhood of the Lord, is located in the CEN Party la Revolucion Democratica (PRD) and the Company and park rides JMRomo (furniture manufacturer of industrial and commercial), the Paseo de la Cruz Ave communicates andalusia Cerrito de la Cruz in the east with the bird. Jose Ma Chavez (the Federal Mexico-Ciudad Juarez 45), Juan de Montoro street (in honor of the founder Aguasclientes), was born in City Hall and become bird. Alamdeda, it is the CEN Convergence Party (PC) and the delegation from the National Institute of Immigration.
North Zone: The most important roads in the area is Zacatecas Blvd which will become the 45 Federal (Mexico-Ciudad Juarez) are located in the shopping center of Agriculture (which is a central supply of food and basic products) Hotel the Trojan, the Club Deportiuvo Futurama Aguascalientes, the most important Ganadero the town (with its corporate offices and plant pasteurizer), the mall Altaria Aguasclientes (With Sanborns, stomach Liverpool stores in a small but attractive fashion mall) Avenida Aguascalientes in north stage is important because it is located in the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes on both sidewalks of the avenue, the building Torreplaza Forests (main and only for the moment in its category), Club Deportivo Fleas Pandas, the bird. Luis Donaldo Colosio in restaurants where there are national and international cuisine, clubs, bars and cafes avenues University, Ignacio Zaragoza and the northern Idependencia communicate with the center, the first of these is located the Regional Hospital ISSSTE (one the best equipped in the State), No. 940 in the home is the Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes (whom the avenue is named), she is also located in the prestigious Agencies BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz, in its intersection with Colosio Avenue becomes Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid area for very young antros bars with live music, electronica, even a den for the gay community in the city Avenue solidarity with the north east, as obviously makes the bird.

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