Natural Disasters
November 1st, 2023 by thesuper

What sort of people defy the natural disasters for us? We have storm “Daisy” just behind us. We are just experiencing high “Bob” and it brings more cooling. We can not exclude also other forces of nature. they just come. We think about tougher checks at check-in prior to the plane. The current venues show but once more: the true disasters lurk in natural and everyday hazards. How are we prepared? What are people, who have struggled in the past few days against the “natural forces”? What people are the ones who are ready to fight against these dangers? What have you seen? Are there enough committed “fighters in the background”? Do you need more? And if “Yes”: what should you bring? Hans Leicher is these and other questions.

on this Thursday, January 14, 8: 00, providing interesting and competent talk partners in its next programme “MenschRadio”. But the most important thing: you can join! Are or were you affected by the snow and cold disaster? Have you helped actively? Think about it, after all what it has surprised us, to help in the future? Then please sign up in the Newsroom of the broadcast “MenschRadio” under! More on the programme, see. the broadcast can be heard at. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City told us the story. Text: Anja mountain

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