The girls discover
April 19th, 2010 by thesuper

The girls discover that the house is not alone and that something else lives there with them. Thus begins the story that Miyazaki creates a great natural for animation. A Miyazaki has been compared at times with Walt Disney, but we all recognize that both are quite different, although there is no doubt the quality of their creations. My Neighbor Totoro had not been the same treaty from the Western perspective. If anything characterizes Miyazaki is the ease of playing with small details and make them very, very big. Did not require great heroes, or battles between good and evil, or the defeat of a great villain for this film’s niche in the history of cinema. But how do we get Miyazaki How does that one scene where the actors just waiting for the bus, will become an icon The secret may be indecipherable to some and obvious to others.Seas child or not, (if you’re not, you’ll enjoy even more their works) can not stay indifferent to what you see, because although the characters are simple cartoons, there’s more. As much as I like, I can not describe in words what Miyazaki described using words, pictures and music. It is impossible. So I encourage those unfamiliar with this author and his work, see what you can do with animation. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. More on this author and his filmography here.

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