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The communicative obstacles in the trans-Atlantic business the book understanding are Germans and Americans? (Cornelsen Verlag Scripturam, 14.95 euros) by John Otto Magee is the communicative obstacles in the trans-Atlantic business. In the form of a scenic contrasting German and American economic spirit, German and American action logic, gives his band on 180 pages basic insights into the causes and dynamics of profound cultural differences and raises awareness for solutions. There are more cultural differences as you might commonly think between Germans and Americans. That you should learn and become inherently aware of cooperation constructively so that to deal “, Magee is convinced. How can you convey the complexity of these differences? A non-fiction book would be too dry, an autobiography to pathetic. With understanding to Germans and Americans? Magee tried the combination of the two: short, descriptive, narrative.

A division within a German major Corporation acquires a American company. The German and the American leadership of the trans-Atlantic company order an integration timetable wrestle in New York, Philadelphia and Washington. The look behind the scenes and on the flip chart of the strategy workshop makes tangible the key problems of German-American cooperation. It is obvious why these are so rarely recognized and the most cross-border merger to fail are condemned, if not early on account of them. John Otto Magee, born in 1959, is a graduate of Georgetown University and the free University of Berlin. The Americans lived and worked for over twenty years in Germany.

From 1995 to 1999, he advised the Board on the subject as an employee of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag transatlantic relations. in 1999, he turned to the private sector, and starred at Siemens AG, Munich, a consultant on transatlantic integration. Since 2002 he is an independent consultant.

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