Anna Pavlova
February 24th, 2012 by thesuper

Love, like singing, is perceived as something spontaneous, spontaneous. On the other hand, the difference between conventional and Anna Pavlova dancing or between opera house and the singing is much less, than between sex, how it can be how it understands our generation. At least now we understand it (and why not now think of the sinfulness of sex, and how to get satisfaction from it.) Now there is a sufficient number of books on the basics sex: their main purpose – to relieve anxiety over the "abnormality" to give knowledge about the possibilities and variety of sexual experience. People who come to the Masters and Johnson (known to physicians, sexologists.) overcome deep inhibitions developed by previous generations. "Permissiveness," in the publishing industry to help lift these bans and the sexual ignorance ..

Culinary excellence does not come in itself: it begins when the person already knows how to cook and enjoy it, he is interested in the details, he is ready to recognize them, he reads the recipes and get acquainted with different techniques of cooking. For example, it is difficult make mayonnaise by trial and error. Gourmet sex, sex cordon bleu (skillful cook.), As we call it in something similar to this: you can compare observations, use your imagination, try all the unusual and new, when it know how to enjoy love and want to get more from it. It is sad when a love relationship suffers because of misunderstanding (the fear of being rejected because of some unusual sexual fantasies, the inability to accept agressivnymi aspirations of one partner because of misconceptions about tenderness, inability to perceive sex as a game). These reasons plus the monotony can cause long-term mutual irritation, and loving and patient partner can completely avoid it.

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