Mark Density
December 15th, 2017 by thesuper

At temperatures greater than 500 and in the presence of high loads, use heat-resistant steel. The physical properties of steel AISI 409 Mark Density (kg/m3) modulus (GPa) Average rate thermal expansion of x (10-6/oC) Thermal conductivity (W / m K) Specific heat 0-100 C (J / kgK) 0-100 C 0-300 C 0-500 C 100 C 500 C 409 7800 200 11.0 11.7 12.4 25.8 27.5 460 steel AISI 409 is a ferromagnetic (magnets). You may want to visit movie star to increase your knowledge. Processing and some technological properties of steel AISI 409 Cutting The most effective way is cutting guillotine or grit using a specially designed besprizhogovyh drives based on SiO2 or Al2O3, as well as oxygen-free nitrogen plasma cutting. Plastic deformation of higher tensile strength of technical means and the higher efforts of deformation in comparison with carbon steels. When bending the steel is important to maintain a minimum internal radius curvature equal to two thicknesses of material.

Subsequent bump in the opposite direction is not recommended – the zone of bending in this case needs to be heated up to 1500 C. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. It can avoid the edge crack if bent when cutting metal, cut it with no inner radius, and from the outside. This type of crack may be excluded if podshlifovat outer radius and thus remove the hub stresses. This welding steel welded any fine known methods. Provided that, if taken post-weld dressing operations / cleaning and passivation will not occur in the loss of corrosion properties of the spot welding (including the heat-affected zone). Optimally use arc welding in inert gases subject to a minimum energy deposition in a welded seam. We recommend welding ‘top’ (ie, when the work piece is located below the welding tool).

In as a filler material can be used austenitic wire 309L, Cv-07Kh25N13, Sv-08H25N13BTYU etc. In order to ensure adequate resistance to corrosion and scale necessary to remove the discoloration or etching machined brushed stainless steel and cold propassivirovat 10-20% nitric acid solution. Required subsequent thorough rinsing with cold water and drying. Machining of Reduced strain hardening, compared with the austenitic steel, includes a requirement of using special tools and coolants. Low processing speed, and a small supply of the tool, with enough coolant to prevent any problems when machining steel.

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