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In the philosophy, Passion is appraised as something that we desire and we cannot possess, exists a setting that if of the one through the proximity physical, next the impossibility to the accomplishment of this desire. If something can be said on the ideas of the Scrates philosopher master and inspirer of Plato, is that it was morally, intellectually and philosophical different of its Athenian contemporaries. When he was being judged for heresy and for corrupting youth, it used its method of elenchos to demonstrate the errneas beliefs of its judges, it believed that the ideas belonged to a world that the scholars only obtained to understand, making with that the philosopher if became the perfect governor for a State. For Scrates, the love starts with the passion for an attractive body and finishes in the love for the absolute beauty. Without discarding the dose of disequilibrium that the passion causes the mind of the being that desires another being, the point of more not enjoying of the pleasures of the life if it will not be under condition of adorador, loving or enslaved. This feeling is thought as not only harmful to the human character, but as a necessary stimulaton here so that it has courage in the men, so that the constant yearning for conquests lasts. Scrates affirms that the philosophy comes of inside to is and its function is to awake the knowledge, that is, the auto one – knowledge, therefore, the truth is inside of each one.

To know itself exactly she is necessary to know the other. The soul of the other is as if it was the mirror of the proper soul, an impetuous movement for the good or the evil. The pathos are one of the recurrent subjects in the lyric poetry of the Antiquity. Perhaps has been the poet Disembarasses a woman aristocrat born in the island of Lesbos, who obtained to create one of the most beautiful representations of this feeling for the Greek world: It is enough to see you to me and are dumb my lips, act it my language, a subtle fire runs under my skin, everything becomes gloomy before my look, zunem me the ears, drains for me the sweat, acometem me tremuras and I am paler than the straw: it would be said that I am deceased.

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